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Delicious, healthy and low in calories, Broghies are the perfect snack and a wonderful addition to any meal.

Broghies are a delicious crispy snack made fresh in store using just heat and pressure. Broghies are filled with wholesome goodness and are fat free, sugar free and free of preservatives. Broghies contain less than 20 calories. Enjoy Broghies on their own or with your favourite sweet or savoury toppings.

The World’s Greatest Snack

Broghies Ireland supply Broghies to stores throughout Ireland. Broghies, which find their roots in Asia, Canada and Ireland, have been named the ‘World’s Greatest’ snack. The ‘World’s Greatest’ show, which features the world’s most amazing and unique companies and products, bestowed this honour and described Broghies as a delicious snack which won’t show up on your waistline.

Our Latest Recipes

Broghies are a wonderful addition to any meal. Our nutritious Broghies work equally well as part of breakfast, lunch, dinner or desert. Broghies fans continuously find new ways to use Broghies to create interesting and delicious dishes. Visit our recipes page to see all our recipes. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up to date with how Broghies are being used to create delightful meals all around the world.

Our Recipes

Say Hello to a Healthier You

Broghies make it easy to lose weight and stay in shape. Broghies can be a delicious and healthy replacement for foods which may be loaded with sugar, salt, carbohydrate and calories such as breads and crackers. If you feel the need for a snack Broghies are the perfect choice. Broghies are free of fat, sugar, preservatives and contain less than 20 calories. To learn more about the nutritional and health value of Broghies click the button below.


Broghies Ireland - Providing delicious, low fat, low calorie snacks

Our Story

Our Story began with a search for a healthy snack  which children and adults could enjoy. Our search, which took us all around the world, ended in Asia where we discovered an idea which we would develop to create the ‘World’s Greatest’ snack, our nutritious, delicious and low calorie Broghies

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