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Broghies Vs Bread

You’ve heard of the Blur v’s Oasis, Alien vs Predator, Muhamad Ali V’s Joe Frazier.  Well now I bring you Broghies Vs Bread!

Bread the old heavyweight champion of the world has finally met its match with this new lightweight kid on the block, Broghies.  Don’t believe me?  You think bread is the ultimate winner of this particular battle?  I understand bread has been your champion for a long time so you may need a little more convincing.


Broghie v bread


Well keep on reading my friend and if you’re not desperately searching for your nearest Broghies stockist after this I’ll eat my hat, or some highly processed bread.

Brogie and curry rice


Low Fat? No Fat!

Broghies have no fat, none what so ever, diddly squat!  Whereas a typical slice of processed multigrain bread has 1.1g, while this doesn’t seem a lot on its own, please put up your hand if you only have one slice…exactly.

Also while some manufacturers of low/non-fat products have replaced the missing yummy fat factor with sugar or preservatives Broghies are pure, with just two ingredients; wheat and salt or corn and salt for those of you on a wheat/gluten free diet.

So if you’re trying to lose those few extra holiday pounds you might want to consider switching over to a non-fat alternative that also happens to taste delicious.

Counting Calories

Hopefully you’re not counting every calorie you consume as that is definitely the road to madness.  However, it doesn’t hurt to be aware of the amount of calories you’re consuming if healthy weight loss is your goal.  So how many calories should you be eating every day?

Well on average for men 2500kcal is sufficient whereas for women it’s approximately 2000kcal.  At 20 calories per Broghie, this healthy snack is a fantastic option to help you achieve healthy weight loss whereas a slice of processed multigrain bread offers 69 calories per slice.


Broghie carbs


You’re so Sweet  

We’re all becoming more and more aware of the negative effect that  sugar can have on our health; inflammation, high blood pressure, gut dysbiosis, a compromised immune system, weight gain and type 2 diabetes to name but a few.

A typical slice of processed multigrain bread contains 1.7g of sugar.  Which again, on its own, isn’t going to cause massive weight gain or serious blood sugar issues but are you aware of how much sugar you’re consuming every day?  Broghies are a no sugar zone meaning they’re a healthy snack or meal choice for adults and children alike.



Start looking at the labels of any processed foods you buy, become aware of all the clever names food manufacturers use to describe sugar, generally if it ends in –ose its sugar.  Just remember you don’t need it you’re sweet enough!


Ingredients Broghies



Do you know what ingredients are in the bread you consume?  If you make it yourself you obviously do and kudos to you!  But not all of us have the time or inclination to dust off the bread maker we bought as a New Year’s resolution to be healthier and become an all-round wonder woman.  Anyway, the point is most of us buy our bread in the local supermarket.  But is this the sensible choice?  Do you know if chemicals and preservatives have been used to ensure a longer shelf life and reduced cooking times?

The general rule of thumb is if you can’t pronounce it you probably should be eating it.  So look out for things like potassium bromate, azodicarbonamide, high-fructose corn syrup and refined grains etc.  Choose food that is as close to its natural state as possible.  Usually the fewer ingredients listed the purer to food is.


Health snack


With only two ingredients Broghies are a wonderful choice for those of you who are looking for wholefood that tastes great with no hidden nasties.

How do you like me now?

Or should I say how do you like Broghies now?  I knew it; you’re hooked!  Are you still there?  Hello?  Okay well it seems I’ve lost you to your Broghies quest.  Go forth and eat healthy food.  Maybe I’ll just pop out as well, for some reason I can’t stop thinking about a warm Broghie made fresh instore.


Something brilliant is about to happen with our wonderful Broghie’s….


Red, White and Orange YESTERDAY, a fresh and new Broghie view TODAY.


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