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A Morish Hot Chicken Dinner

  • Broghie dinner by Richard:
  • Shaved deli chicken
  • Yellow mustard
  • Hot sauce (I used franks and death sauce)
  • Black pepper
  • I added some fresh basil from my garden – roughly chopped (genovese basil, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if that matters)
  • Broghies
  • A few thin squares of cheddar for each broghie (I used medium – aged would be better I think, but a giant block of cheap medium cheddar is pretty inexpensive)
    1- Mix mustard, hot sauce, basil and pepper in a small bowl
    2 – Chop deli chicken (not finely – more like long slices than anything)
    3 – Add to mustard sauce
    4- Spoon mix into shells, flat and just a bit less than completely full
    5- Add a couple of cheese squares to the top of each (not too near the edges)
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