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Our Favourite Recipe Ideas

Take a Broghie, top with natural yogurt, add some fresh fruit of your choice. Then drizzle with some chocolate sauce. Kids Love this one!

Broghies are great with Hummus. Try a combination of Cream Cheese with some Red Pepper Jelly/ Sweet Chili Sauce or Mango Chutney or Lemon Curd. Very Tasty! Try a Broghie with a fried or scrambled egg top with some crispy bacon. Broghies Are A big hit with kids.

Broghies are great with:

• Peanut Butter
• Nutella/ Chocolate Spread
• Yogurt and Fruit
• Spreadable Cheese
• Baked Beans
• All kinds of dips

Broghies Make Great Canapes

• Delicious Topped With Prawn Avocado and Marie Rose Sauce
• Try With Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche
• Great with Crabmeat and all types of Patè
• Tasty Accompaniment with Curries and Chilli
• Or Just Break ‘em’ and Dip ‘em’

Broghies taste great on their own. They are all natural, and contain no fat, no preservatives and no sugars. With less than 20 calories.

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